Robotics and Innovation
Senior School Computer Science

Mr Potter (Director of Digital Strategy)

On Wednesday, the Year 10 Computer Scientists were treated to a robotics seminar held virtually by Cardiff Metropolitan University. At the university, they have the Eureka Robotics Lab, which has been built to study and research robotics, and primarily the field of social robotics. Social robotics looks at how humans and robots can effectively interact with each other.

The students listened to a lecture on robotics and how the field might develop in the future as AI and robotics becomes more sophisticated. We also saw a demonstration of the NAO Robot which is being used to help children with speech therapy and hearing issues. They were also able to have a Q&A with the presenters who answered questions from the students on their passion for robotics, how object recognition works and how long a university research project takes to complete.

Find out more about the Eureka Robotics Centre here.

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Robotics and Innovation