We aim to be at the forefront of educational thinking and use evidence based best practice to deliver a forward-thinking education as we collectively create an environment underpinned by a commitment to life-long learning.

Our pedagogy is rooted in research; we spend time reading, researching, engaging and evaluating the effectiveness of the latest educational thinking to ensure that everything we do really makes the difference in and outside of the classroom. We are inspired by the work of experts such as John Hattie, Robert Slavin, Barak Roshine and Deborah Eyre.

Collaborative Learning

We believe in collaboration, across both teaching and non-teaching teams. Staff lead projects to develop and introduce new strategies into the classrooms, working collectively with colleagues across the school to intelligently adopt and adapt initiatives, which meet the needs of our students and our school community. We encourage all of our staff to lead initiatives and be part of making positive change.

Learning From The Community

We encourage the sharing of ideas. Staff regularly undertake learning walks, and we operate open door weeks when staff observe their colleagues. We run cross-departmental working groups and teach-meets with our wider local educational community to learn from one another.

Colleagues value peer-to-peer evaluation and we reach out for feedback both formally and informally from students and parent communities so that we remain open to wider perspectives.

Digital Learning

Our Digital Learning Department provides drop-ins and workshops allowing colleagues opportunities to explore the latest uses for technology in the classroom, we encourage trailing of new technological innovations and the development of and to support them as they work toward their Apple Teaching awards.

Staff are encouraged to partake in conferences and supported through professional development programmes, with many choosing to extend their professional qualifications or participate in extensive research projects. As members of the Harpur Trust we benefit from wider opportunities for career development across all areas.