Our students soar; they are the creative thinkers, the change-makers and the problem-solvers of the future.

We strive to deliver a future-inspired education. Innovative teaching practices, technology and compassionate care combine to empower our students with the attributes and self-confidence to seize the opportunities and tackle the challenges of a complex world.

Our Ethos

We value and celebrate every member of our community as a unique individual and recognise our responsibility to the world around us. We remain continually curious about the perspectives of others. We lift each other up with nurture and challenge. We strive to create joy through learning and always seek to use our intellect to remain inquisitive to endless possibilities.

Our Values

Our values can be simply articulated, they can be summed up in three words but behind each sits a framework of guiding principles which are deeply embedded into everything we do.


  • We are brave 
  • We use our voices, intellect and actions to create positive change
  • We seek to be independent learners  
  • We aim to be authentic and develop self-confidence    
  • We are comfortable taking risks  


  • We see a global world of endless possibilities and know no limits to our imaginations 
  • We look to create joy
  • We endeavour to be continually inquisitive    
  • We embrace technology and innovation
  • We thrive through collaboration


  • We reflect and take responsibility for our actions   
  • We are resilient and understand failure as an intrinsic part of success  
  • We are curious to other perspectives and value every individual 
  • We foster relationships through compassion and empathy
  • We act with honesty, integrity and kindness 


Strategy Plan Summary 2021-24

As we mark 10 years of BGS, we are delighted to share with you a summary of our strategic priorities for the next three years, as we continue to deliver an outstanding educational experience for every student.