Our role is to ensure the future generations of young women are prepared and inspired to make a meaningful contribution to the world beyond school. The Bridge, our careers service, is a vital component in helping our students achieve their aims and aspirations so they can move with confidence onto the next stage of their education and into working life.

We believe the greater the opportunities at school, the better prepared our students will be and our role at The Bridge is to weave these into BGS education at every stage.

Oxbridge Support Programme

Career Education

A formal careers education starts in Year 7 and we plant seeds of ideas, inspiring our students to look ahead, to take time to reflect, understand their own strengths and interests, so they can be in a position to make good, informed choices about their futures at each stage of their education.

We build the skills and confidence in the students as they grow into motivated young women, working alongside both the pastoral and academic staff to help the students develop, and stretch their skills and attributes.

We form relationships with employers, external agencies, universities, colleges and alumnae. Listening and learning from external voices is an important skill and vital to making informed choices. We have an extensive network of professionals and higher education specialists who can help the students make decision making for their futures. We work with our alumnae office and a wide network of employers to help facilitate work experience for both current and former students. We offer a mentoring programme where Sixth Form students have the opportunity to develop a professional working relationship. We provide opportunities to assist the students developing skills to network and pitch themselves confidently.

Our education develops Independence. Our students are encourage to take active ownership of their futures. We provide the tools and deliver lessons on how to source information, research subjects, explore options, gain work experience and placements. We help the students assess their qualities and strengths, they are encouraged to identify, develop and use their talents and abilities unhampered by stereotyped attitudes.

Possessing Determination and grit in a hugely volatile and competitive world is important; young people need ambition, but also the ability to rise up from a knock back to achieve a successful and fulfilling futures. Understanding what really inspires them, where their interests lie, helps builds this drive. We work alongside our students to create realistic steps and goals to ensure they can achieve their aspirations.

We support the students as they Grow, and progress throughout their school life. At The Bridge, we believe in lifelong learning. By ensuring the student are introduced to a wide range of opportunities, we can support ideas and interests as they change and grow, helping students define possible routes.

Employability is central in preparing the students for the outside world, throughout a BGS education, students are taught the importance of transferable skills; we show them how skills honed at school can transfer into the wider working world, and importantly what skills employers are looking for. Entering the working world should not be a shock, and we make sure our students will be prepared.

We introduce a huge range professions and options through our weekly Lunchbox Lectures series; we run careers evenings, open day and arrange one-to-one meetings with professionals. We encourage work placements and part-time employment (from Year 11) to build resilience, prioritising time and money management skills to help prepare them for adult life.

Our Comprehensive Programme

Careers lesson integrated into the curriculum from Year 7Weekly Lunchbox Careers talks, workshops and one to one meetings
Themed careers eveningWorkshops and Careers Days from Year 9 onwards
Careers Brief and Profile (Years 10 - 11) Centigrade (Lower Sixth)Individual guidance and support with decision making, goals and pathways; options; Personal Statements; UCAS; degree apprenticeship; internship; study abroad applications
Careers information about job and training opportunities, including advice on Labour Market InformationWorkshops and to enhance employability skills, including; Interview skills, C.V writing, Job Search
University fayres for both UK and European Options, University WebinarsApprenticeship workshops
Work the Room networking skills workshop for Lower SixthAlumnae Mentorship Programme for Lower Sixth
Open access to Unifrog (from Year 9) an online programme, which includes information about universities, apprenticeships and MOOC’s (mini courses designed by universities)Dedicated Oxbridge support both individual and through workshops, mock interviews, Oxbridge summer projects
Mini mock interviews for early entry Medics, Vets and DentistryAssistance with work experience for Year 10