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The Weekly Blog from the Head

15 September 2014: Renovation and Rejuvenation I always look forward to returning in school in September. Over the summer the school is often engaged in new building works where we develop and enhance the fabric of the school. This summer was no different and critically important to me was the redevelopment of our sports area this summer. I feel passionately that girls should retain from school life-long habits that encourage them to remain engaged in sports and fitness after their compulsory PE lessons have ended. Too many women on leaving school do not continue with their sport nor do they maintain their fitness. Schools are often bla... Read More

Other recent posts

07 July 2014: IB - A Cause to Celebrate Over the weekend we received the delightful news that our girls have performed exceptionally well in this year’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. It is a very demanding diploma. The girls study six subjects of which five a... Read More 23 June 2014: Sporting Excellence Last Friday I went to Wellington College to listen to lectures and attend workshops and discussions, as part of the Festival of Education. It is an annual event which brings together leading, innovative companies and key figures involved... Read More 16 June 2014: Values To Live By I believe that school values are fundamental to the ethos of the school. What we believe in, what we want to espouse and live by determines the culture and feel of a school. Values cannot be imposed or dictated, they have to evolve and ... Read More 09 June 2014: Growth Mind Set The first week after half term the school is still. Classrooms are full of quiet reflection as girls from Years 7 to Upper Sixth are engrossed in either private revision or active recall as they prepare and sit examinations. School feels... Read More 20 May 2014: Women of Bedford This weekend we held our first Biennial Service for members of the Guild (alumnae of Bedford High School) at the Bedford Girls’ School site on Cardington Road. I was invited to speak at the Service and as I spoke I was struck once again ... Read More 12 May 2014: The right to free access to education Last week our IB students began their final examinations. They have been an impressive cohort. They have worked hard over the last two years and the next few weeks will see a culmination of their efforts. As they sit their exams their wo... Read More 07 May 2014: Girls Rising As a Headmistress of a Girls’ School, you truly hope that the future of the girls you are educating will be secure. A future where girls are recognised as equals, they are given the same opportunities as boys and are able to choose and s... Read More 28 April 2014: Food Glorious Food Schools are daily bombarded with news headlines asking them to tackle global concerns or worse accusing them of causing these global problems. This weekend, the Chair of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges expressed concern about the g... Read More 26 March 2014: Time to report In the last week of each term I disappear into my office to read and write school reports. Teaching and learning go hand in hand and school reports are an excellent reminder of this. This is why we take time to write them and give the gi... Read More 19 March 2014: Gracious in winning… Last week I spent a very enjoyable day interviewing girls in the Lower Sixth who wanted to be part of the Girls’ Leadership Group (GLG). Without exception, the girls were eloquent and spoke confidently about their role in the team and th... Read More