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The Weekly Blog from the Head

26 March 2014: Time to report In the last week of each term I disappear into my office to read and write school reports. Teaching and learning go hand in hand and school reports are an excellent reminder of this. This is why we take time to write them and give the girls time to reflect upon them. The teaching staff spend much time considering each pupil, outlining their strengths and celebrating their achievements. They then make considered suggestions on how each girl can improve her performance. Her form tutor describes what each girl has contributed to the school community in her involvement with co-curricular activi... Read More

Other recent posts

19 March 2014: Gracious in winning… Last week I spent a very enjoyable day interviewing girls in the Lower Sixth who wanted to be part of the Girls’ Leadership Group (GLG). Without exception, the girls were eloquent and spoke confidently about their role in the team and th... Read More 10 March 2014: Inspiring Change - International Women’s Day 2014 Today, as I write my blog, is International Women’s Day. Some girls at BGS would ask why would we need to single out a day to raise the profile of women? They do not see any evidence at school of sexual discrimination or gender stereotyp... Read More 03 March 2014: The Spoken Word This week is the Bedfordshire Festival of Music, Speech and Drama. There are over 75 classes in which girls can perform and over the last term they have been practising their lines, learning their words and rehearsing in front of their t... Read More 11 February 2014: Leadership Week Today, we are asking more and more of our young leaders. I believe strongly that schools should lead the way in educating for a better world and that our young leaders should be at the vanguard of these changes. I feel we have a respon... Read More 04 February 2014: Singing with pride Last week I was delighted to attend the first Bedford Girls’ School Singing Recital organised by one of our visiting music teachers, Miss Middleton. Girls from Year 3 to Upper Sixth performed - in front of parents and friends - extract... Read More 27 January 2014: The Inspector Calls Every six years an Independent School is inspected. For three days it opens its doors and welcomes Heads, Deputy Heads and Senior Teachers of other private schools to share good practice and to ensure the regulations laid down by the Gov... Read More 21 January 2014: “uBuntu” I have commented in previous blogs that as Heads we are very privileged to be given the opportunity to travel to conferences and hear world class speakers discuss their views on education. Last week was no exception. I was invited to att... Read More 13 January 2014: Assessing Potential Spring is the time when we, like many independent schools, set our entrance examinations and children across the country are assessed to see if they qualify for the school of their dreams. It is a tough time for parents and their childre... Read More 10 December 2013: It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas My childhood was spent in Australia; Christmas there is celebrated in the heat and for me it was without my extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents who lived in England. The magic of Christmas, the joy of the celebrat... Read More 02 December 2013: What is talent without hard work? Talent is often misunderstood. It can be seen as a gift that is to be admired and cherished. I would argue that talent is meaningless without a lot of hard work. Rushkin argued that “quality is never an accident, but the result of intell... Read More