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IB and University Admissions

The IB works with universities in nearly 140 countries to promote broader recognition of the Diploma Programme for the 120,000 Diploma Programme graduates entering university each year. Through the IB, students gain rigorous and balanced academic preparation, an ability to draw on knowledge and understanding of various cultures and histories, and the experience of learning how to think critically and apply what they have learned in different contexts and across disciplines - it is this holistic education that Universities are seeking.

Research into university success puts IB ahead

In 2012, research by the International Baccalaureate found IB students were, in most subject areas, also more likely to achieve first and second upper class honours degrees and to leave with an award. After university, the research discovered, IB students were more likely to go onto further study, and more likely to be employed in graduate level jobs and in higher paid occupations. To read the full research summary click here.  

The view of Admissions Tutors

“We find that IB students adapt more easily to university style of learning and become independent learners from an earlier stage compared to those from other backgrounds. IB students cope more easily with the wide range of subjects that each student is required to study from year 1. They are less focused on achieved marks, and value the education that we provide.”

Dr Lorraine Craig, Admissions Tutor, Imperial College, London

"The Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay as very helpful for those making the transition from school to university. While IB students may have covered less subject content, for example in maths, they have no problem catching up. The IB diploma is generally very highly regarded as a preparation for higher education and, on average, IB students definitely have the edge on A Level applicants."

Delyth Chambers, Director of Admissions at the University of Manchester