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Is the IB for me?

The IB is designed to provide all students with a well-rounded, internationally regarded programme of study. The subjects and Inner Core of the programme provide a rich curriculum and offer scope for personal growth and development as well as encouraging a love of life-long learning. The student-centred approach to your individual programme of study ensures that IB is an accessible and rewarding path for any girl who gains a place in our Sixth Form. However, we recognise that some myths still exist about the suitability of IB for every girl and we have pleasure in answering some of the most frequently asked questions below. 

I'm not brilliant at Mathematics, can I still take IB?

IB offers three levels of Mathematics; Higher Level (HL), Standard Level (SL) and Studies. Higher Level is very challenging and only suitable for girls who have a real aptitude for the subject and achieved a very high grade at GCSE. Standard Level is designed to extend the challenge to girls who have done well at GCSE and are keen to develop their knowledge of the subject to an advanced level. Studies Level focuses on practical mathematics for day-to-day life and is accessible to anyone who has passed a GCSE in the subject.

Studying Mathematics post 16 will help you develop useful life skills and will be regarded favorably by universities.

I'm not very good at languages. How will I cope?

Languages are an important life skill that can open up a world of experience and opportunities. You will also have the option of which language to study and at what level. You are not restricted to studying a language you have already taken at GCSE; you can try a brand new one. As with Mathematics, you can elect to take a language at entry level (Ab Initio) and you will be surprised at how far your skills develop within two years.

A language can increase your earning potential, open up opportunities for world travel and enrich your circle of friends. It will also help you develop confidence and can be one of the most rewarding aspects of the IB programme.

I'm really only interested in Science, so shouldn’t I narrow my focus instead of widening it?

Scientists, Medics and Engineers very often benefit from international careers and can be instrumental in global projects and policies. The broad range of subjects studied at IB very much complement the skill sets of people working in the field. Modern Science is not only about experimentation and theory, it is about communication so further study in English and other languages is invaluable.

Universities will welcome your broad array of abilities and the IB may well help you secure your first choice place on an undergraduate Science course.

I like Mathematics, Biology, History and Art. By taking them at A Level am I more likely to achieve the grades I want?

The marking structure of the IB Programme is designed to ensure that your grades will reflect your talents and abilities across the board. From your results, universities and employers will be able to see the areas you have excelled in but they will also be able to see that you have the skills and personality necessary to undertake independent study in subjects you might not be so confident in.

As well as showcasing your academic ability, the IB highlights your status as a considered, well-rounded and responsible citizen all of which make you a very appealing candidate.