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The Extended Essay

The Extended Essay is one of the core subjects of the IB Diploma Programme and is highly regarded by University Admissions Tutors as first-rate preparation for undergraduate study.

Students need to produce a research paper of 4000 words based on 40 hours of in-depth, independent study. There is plenty of scope for personal choice of subject matter and girls are encouraged to choose a topic of particular interest and enjoyment to them. However, it’s generally recommended that they write the essay in one of their Higher Level courses.

The question or hypothesis on which the essay is based is chosen by the student and not the teacher, although a high level of support and guidance is given at every step of the way. Assessment of the Extended Essay looks at a broad range of factors including depth of research, originality, quality of analysis and academic perspective so it is important to choose a topic of genuine interest where real understanding can be demonstrated. Such high-level research is also an excellent opportunity to produce a truly independent, unique piece of work not restricted by the parameters of a structured examination procedure.