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Walking and Cycling to School

 As well as being environmentally friendly, walking or cycling to school are great ways to increase independance, promote physical wellbeing and to develop a sense of freedom. It's also an enjoyable way to explore Bedford and the surrounding countryside as a family.

The town boasts many dedicated pedestrian and cycle routes which are well-lit, well-used and extremely convenient. To help you decide if cycling to school is an option for you and your daughter, we have provided a link to Sustrans; a national charity set-up to encourage people to adopt more sustainable ways to make everyday journeys.

As part of its commitment to helping people find safe, eco-friendly and healthy ways to travel, the charity provides a series of interactive maps and journey planners on its website. Sustrans' maps show dedicated pedestrian and cycle routes and plots them alongside roads and streets. Google Maps is also a valuable resource when planning your route and links to both can be found below. 

View Sustrans map for cycle routes and pedestrian access to Cardington Road here.

To use Google Maps, click here.