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Staff List

Here you will find our full details of our team.

Senior Leadership Team

Head Miss J MacKenzie BSc, MSc

Deputy Head Mrs F McGill BEd

Bursar Mr J-M Hodgkin BSc, FCA, FSA, ACIS, DChA

Assistant Head Mrs K Jones BSc, MEd

Assistant Head Mrs N Keeler BSc

Assistant Head Mrs S Mason Patel BA

Assistant Head Mrs S Willis BLib

Head of Junior School Mrs C Howe BA

Pastoral Care Team

Head of Sixth Form Mrs A Goodman, BEd

Head of Years 10 and 11 Mrs J Wilkins BA

Head of Years 8 and 9 Mrs S Hardy BA

Head of Year 7 and Transition Mrs F Clements BSc

Head of House Dr A Clewlow

Head of House Mr O Hertout DEUG, Licence Amiens

Head of House Mrs S Johnson Cert Ed

Head of House Miss K Nelson BA

Head of House Mrs C Rogers BA, PG Dip

Head of House Mrs M Wathen BSc

Senior School Departments 

Director of IB Mrs F McGill BEd

Director of ICT Mr J Potter BA, MA

Head of Careers Mrs L Longstaff BEng

Head of PSHE Mrs P Milton BEd

Head of Learning Support Mr T Williams BA

Learning Support Assistants Mrs S Grabham, Mrs M Mason

Examinations Officer Mrs R Houghton MA

Art and Technology Mrs C Lugsden BA, MA


Miss K Nelson BA

Mrs R Smith BA

Design Technology Mr R Jackson Cert Ed

Mrs A Goodman BTEC, BEd

Mrs S Johnson Cert Ed

Mrs J Wilkins BA

Food Technology Mrs G Sayce Cert Ed

Mrs S Wright BEd

Textiles Mrs J Brearley BEd, BA

Mrs S Johnson Cert Ed

Dance and Drama Mrs S Perren Cert Ed

Mrs A Lang BA

Mrs V Redford LLAM

Mrs S Winter BEd (Teacher in charge of Dance)

Miss L Bream Dip LCD, AISTD

Economics and Business Studies Miss L Birch BA, Cert Ed

Mrs P Hooley LLB

Mrs C Rogers BA, PG Dip

English Mrs C Hopkins BEd

Mrs R Cassell BA

Mrs C Everitt BA

Mrs C Hoar BA

Mrs S Mason-Patel BA

Ms J McLeod BA

Mrs C Oldfield BA

Mrs S Willis BLib

Mrs A Wilson BA, MA, Higher Dip Ed

Geography Mrs D Whiteley BSc 

Miss J MacKenzie BSc, MSc

Mrs S McPhail BA

Mrs K Page BSc

Mrs C Rogers BA, PG Dip

History and Politics  Mrs K Cruse BA

Mrs D Curtis BA

Mrs S Hardy BA

Mrs L O’Cleirigh BA, MA

Mrs L Sadler BA

Languages Mrs M Gomez-Alonso Licenciàda en Filologia Inglesa


Mrs R Moral MA

Ms R Fudger Gálvez BA

Mrs E Willard BA

Spanish Assistant Miss S Sanz Pascua

French Mrs C Fourey–Jones Let

Mrs D Arrowsmith MA

Mr O Hertout DEUG, Licence Amiens

Miss G Stuart BA

French Assistant Miss E Prigent

German Mrs C Lessig MA

Mrs R Collier

German Assistant Miss T Trippolt

Classics Mrs D Day BA

Miss C Brice BA

Mathematics Mrs G Hubbard BSc

Mrs C Bawden BSc, Cert Ed

Mrs A Dorber BSc, BA, MSc

Mrs M Ellwood BSc

Mrs E Gardner BSc

Mrs C Gribben BSc

Mr R Jeffryes BSc

Mrs K Jones BSc, MEd

Mr D McFarlane BSc

Mrs F McGill BEd

Mrs L Longstaff BEng

Music Miss H Gould (Director of Music) MMus BA

Miss F Corrie BA, MPhil


Physical Education Mrs J Axford BA Ed

Miss B Childs BSc

Miss Z Gray BSc

Mrs N Howlett (Deputy Head of PE/Junior PE) BA, BEd

Mrs V Mason-McLeod BSc

Mrs P Milton BEd

Mrs R Lombaard BBA

Philosophy & Religion Mrs E Pagliaro BEd

Mrs J Ackroyd BA

Mrs P Harrold BA, MA

Science Mrs V Lockren BSc


Mrs J Armitage BSc

Miss H Dawson BSc

Mrs S Jenkin BSc

Mrs M Wathen BSc

Chemistry Dr N Holmes

Dr A Clewlow

Mrs C Cunningham BSc

Dr H Gates

Mrs R Houghton MA

Dr A Winder

Physics Mr O Bowden BEng

Mr G Burden BSc

Mrs F Clements BSc

Mrs A Goodman BTEC, BEd

Mrs N Keeler BSc

Mrs S Sellars BSc

Science Technician

Mrs L Fordham


Mrs P Harrold BA (Teacher in charge of Psychology)

Mrs A Lang BA

Additional Responsibilities

CAS Co-ordinator Miss H Dawson BSc

Charities Co-ordinator Ms R Fudger Gálvez BA

Oxbridge Co-ordinator Dr A Winder

Speech and Drama Co-ordinator Mrs V Redford LLAM

Junior School Teaching Staff

Mrs C Howe BA (Head of the Junior School)

Miss N Arnold BA (PSHE and Charities Coordinator)

Mrs A Bailey BEd (Supply Teacher)

Mrs V Bistram BSc

Mrs T Button BEd (Science Coordinator)

Mrs N Childs BSc (Eco Schools and Sustainability Coordinator)

Mrs T Copp BA (Head of Year 5)

Miss H Crawford-Smith BEd (ICT Coordinator)

Mrs C Hindess BSc (Junior School Subject Coordinator Mathematics)

Mrs J Holmes Cert Ed

Mrs Y Pemberton BA, MA (Head of Year 6)

Mrs C Salusbury Cert Ed (Head of Year 4)

Miss A Smith BEd

Mrs J Thomas BEd

Mrs A Webster BSc (Head of Year 3 and Art and Technology Coordinator)

Mrs J Williams Cert Ed (Humanities Coordinator)

Mrs P Woodhouse BEd (English Coordinator)

Visiting Staff

Visiting Music Teachers

Mr L Arnold (Percussion)

Miss E Attwood, BA, LRAM, ARCM, FTCL, FLCM, Professional Cert RAM (Cello, Piano)

Mr A Boynton, BA, FRCO, ARCM, LRAM, FTCL, CHM, ADCM  (Piano)

Mrs L Brazel ABRSM (Clarinet & Saxophone)

Mr P Churchill BA, Post Grad Dip (Singing)

Mrs A Davies GLCM, LLCM (TD) (Theory, Flute, Recorder & Piano)

Mr P Davies ALCM, ONC, HNC (Guitar)

Mr M Gemmill MA (Violin & Viola)

Mr S Goble BMus (Brass)

Mr P Gyles GTCL, LTCL (Violin & Viola)

Miss L Hasler BMus, MMPRL (Harp)

Ms K Hills GRSM, ARCM (Bassoon & Flute)

Mrs E Howard ARCM, Dip RCM (Flute)

Ms N Iles Cert Ed, Graduate Dip (Jazz Piano)

Mrs C John GRSM, RCM, ARCM, LRAM, MTC (Clarinet, Piano & Theory)

Mr P Judge LTCL (Lower Brass)

Mr J Kirton MMus, BMus (Piano)

Miss E Legroux MMus, BMus (Piano)

Mr J Metzger BMus, GCSMD, Dip Lic (Cello)

Ms R Middleton BMus (Singing)

Mrs H Palmer FTCL, GTCL, LTCL (Oboe, Piano & Recorder)

Miss C Stafford-Ridley BMus (Singing)

Mrs R Thompson BMus, ARCM, LRAM (Violin & Viola)

Ms H Western LRAM, ARCM (Singing)

Mrs D Williams BA, ATCL (Violin & Singing)

Ms S Wagner BA and Master of Music in Performance (Singing)

Visiting Speech & Drama Teachers

Mrs V Redford LLAM, MSTSD

Miss D Burns LLAM

Ms Jenaya Smith MA, BA, LLAM

Visiting Dance Teachers

Mrs L Bream Dip LCD, AISTD

Miss H Dennis LRAD

Mrs K Power BA, AISTD

Mrs E Richardson BA, AISTD

Junior School Support Staff

Office Manager/Junior School Head’s PA Mrs C Thorpe

Administrator Mrs L Cavener

Receptionist Mrs C Eagles

Classroom Assistants

Mrs D Hartwell BA, PGCE

Mrs S Jones

Mrs G Thompson

Literary and Numeracy Tutor Mrs S Grabham

General Assistants

Mrs E Beckett

Mrs J Garner

Support Staff

Accounts Manager Mr H Robinson BA

Accounts Senior Mrs D Stanton

Accounts Assistant Miss V Barber

Careers Assistant Mrs E Fox BA, MSc

Assistant Examinations Officers

Ms A Cavener BTEC

Mr M Rowntree

Catering Manager Miss T Baker

Executive Head Chef Mr S Skipper

Sous Chefs

Mr S Clark

Mr D Jones 

Chefs de Partie

Mrs S Giddings

Mrs S Trainer

Mrs S Tuck

Commis Chefs

Miss J Garner

Mrs L Green

Mrs A Langley

Front of House Supervisor

Mrs L Jackson

Catering Assistants

Mrs A Gentle

Mrs D Jackson

Mrs N Johnson

Mrs C Leach

Mrs J Roberts

Miss E Rostkoliska

Mrs R Ruffhead

Mrs N Wise

Mrs S Masih

Kitchen Porter Mr V Mankrelis, Miss M Ruberto, Mr D Boyes

Educational Visits Co-ordinator Mr M Worth

Estates and Facilities Manager Mrs S Natus

Head Groundsman Miss L Boston


Mr A Frizzell

Mr B Phelps

Premises Assistants

Mr K Endersby

Mr R Hill

Mr K Ruff

Mr R Vaughan

Pool Manager Mr E Castro BSc

Head of Rowing Ms J Round BTEC National Dip in Sport Development and Fitness, ARA Instructors Award

Assistant Head of Rowing Miss C Failla

Sports Coaches

Miss S Holyoak

Badminton Mr C Pearson

Hockey Miss E Dickson, Mr M Mason-McLeod

Netball Ms C Southam, Miss S Holyoak

Swimming Mr E Castro, Miss C Broughton

Lacrosse Ms A Emala

Rowing Mr M Deards, Miss J Fitzsimons, Mr M Rooney

Water Polo Miss C Rutter

ICT Manager Mr M Rumfitt

Systems Support Manager Mr J Keating

Desktop Support Supervisor TBA

ICT/AV Technicians

Mr P Brawn

Mr S Whitney

Head of Learning Resources Centre Mrs S Wray BA, Dip Lib, MCILIP

Learning Resources Assistants

Mrs C Brugnoli

Mrs C Smith

Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme Manager Miss S Doyle

Duke of Edinburgh's Awards Mountain Leader Mr S Doyle

Director of Marketing, Admissions and Development Mrs H Dixon

Admissions Manager Mrs M Fox (maternity cover)

Marketing and Communications Mrs S Davidge

Marketing and Development Officer Mrs J Trobe (maternity cover)

Admissions and Development Assistant Mrs J Taylor

Human Resources Adviser Miss S Fecondi

Human Resources Assistant Mrs E Benson

Head’s and Deputy Head’s PA Mrs S Scholten

Office Manager Mrs C Mortimer

Assistant Heads’ PA Mrs S Cannon

Senior Administrator Mrs P Walker

Office Team

Mrs S Bullerwell

Mrs J Cheshire

Mrs J Damon

Mrs L Hawkins

Mrs J McRoberts

Miss K Zwetsloot

Operations Assistant Miss S Hollands

Project Support Officer Mrs N Morgan

School Nursing Manager Mrs L Ensor-Clinch RGN

School Nurses

Mrs M Lenehan RGN

Mrs K Saunders RGN

Science Technicians

Mrs G Bhamra

Mrs S Harris

Miss J Hallett

Art, Textiles and Drama Technician TBA

Design Technology Technician Mr K Kirkpatrick

Food Technology Technicians

Mrs H Caffrey

Miss L Hawkins