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House System

The House System is designed to embody the values and ethos of the school and is an integral part of our school community. In time it is our ambition that the House System alongside the School Council will enable our pupils to have a stronger voice in the decision-making across the school.

The objectives of the House System

Our objective is to give every girl in each house and those who take positions of responsibility the following:

  • a sense of belonging· positive role models from within their peer group
  • a sense of achievement outside the classroom
  • fun and excitement through competition
  • curiosity and creativity
  • leadership
  • individual and collective responsibility
  • the confidence to be Bold, take action and develop a spirit of adventure
  • the development of communication skills, flexibility and resilience

The Houses

Austen (Red)                                        Hepburn (Blue)

Chanel (Purple)                                    Nightingale (Green)

Franklin (Yellow)                                  Parks (Orange)

The house names were chosen by our Senior School pupils selecting them from historical, inspirational and iconic women of the 19th and 20th Centuries whilst the Junior School pupils chose the colours each house is associated with.


Allocation to Houses

All girls are placed into one of the six houses on entry to Bedford Girls’ School. The vertical grouping of the girls in their Houses allows them to work with girls of all ages and give support and inspiration to younger girls as well as foster a sense of family and community. The healthy competition between houses allows girls to work as a team aiming for the success of the House in all challenges, activities and competitions.


Charitable Work

Each house is affiliated to a local charity for which they fund raise and support throughout each academic year. This helps to give the girls a sense of charity and local community involvement. Each House are supporting the following charities this year:

Chanel BRASS (Bedfordshire Refugee & Asylum Seeker Support)

Austen Ormiston Children & Families Trust

Hepburn Sight Concern Bedfordshire

Parks BECHAR (Bedford Concern for the Homeless and Rootless)

Franklin Alzheimer’s Society Bedford

Nightingale Carers in Bedfordshire


House Meetings

The Houses meet as a group once each fortnight with planning meetings and assemblies organised by the House Officials and Heads of House. A member of staff has the role of Head of House and five House Officials are taken from Year 13. Each year group is then represented by an elected member of the year who becomes part of the House Committee. Each term there is one large House competition and a number of smaller House challenges.