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Junior School Assessment

A warm welcome begins your daughter's Assessment Day. As all children have their unique skills and talents, we recognise each pupil as an individual and encourage all our girls to achieve their full potential.

Your daughter will be placed in a small group of girls and will take part in a range of activities that would reflect the experiences that take place within our everyday lessons. Our aim during the assessment is to make the day as relaxed as possible because we want your daughter to feel comfortable and at home.


In assessing your daughter’s current ability level, we will take account of her skills in:

• Writing

• Reading 

• Mathematics.

Other activities that will take place during the assessment day are:

• Art - an opportunity to take part in a creative art activity

• Science - investigation of a scientific problem, and a discussion of findings and solutions 

• Circle time - a fun group discussion led by the teacher completes the day

She will also be able to meet with other girls who are planning to join us at the same time as her and be in her form group.

Assessment Days


The Assessment Days for girls who would like to start in September 2015 are as follows:

Saturday 17th January 2015 for girls applying for Year 3 entry

Saturday 31st January 2015 for girls applying for Year 4 - Year 6 entry.

However, we are happy to consider later registrations and assessments at any stage of the school year, subject, of course, to places being available. If this is the case, we would encourage you to come along for a personal visit or a taster day.