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Music is central to our lives at Bedford Girls' School; aside from its intrinsic beauty it celebrates group participation and the joy of mastering a score. It is a superb way to showcase individual talents, and music education can form an important part of a student’s preparation for the world. As well as the ability to work in a group, music helps foster self discipline and perseverance. It is also a means by which students can express their own cultural identity and that of others.

Our new music facility houses three large new classrooms, as well as eight practice rooms and a music technology suite. Students benefit from lessons in all the orchestral instruments as well as guitar, drums, piano, organ and singing. We already enjoy a reputation for high-quality choral singing, with four open-access choirs and one auditioned choir. In addition, we have three school orchestras, a dance band, and a range of opportunities to play chamber music. Modern music is also well represented, with regular concerts taking place both in school and in the wider community.

The Music curriculum for Years 7 - 9 is largely practical, with opportunities for girls to play and sing, as well as to create their own music. We also aim to give them an understanding of basic musical literacy and introduce them to a wide variety of musical styles.