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A school curriculum is often thought of as simply the core subjects a pupil will be taught during his or her time at school. A school curriculum, however, embodies in its choices of what each child should study, and in what ways they should be studied, a whole philosophy of the aim of education and of the qualities we think desirable in adult members of society.

When designing our school curriculum we considered the questions: "What counts as an educated 19 year old in this day and age?" but also "What are the kinds of knowledge and understanding to be nurtured, the practical capabilities to be developed and the social qualities to be encouraged?" Implicitly we were considering a wider vision of learning for our girls, a "whole" education.  

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which provides continuity and progression from Year 3 through to Upper Sixth and most importantly meets the particular needs and aspirations of girls, enabling them to achieve their potential. We aim to create confident, independent, and successful young women who are equipped with the skills necessary to meet the challenges of life in the twenty first century, developed through a love of learning. We encourage girls to be active learners who can work both independently and collaboratively and encourage participation in co-curricular activities to develop team-work and leadership skills.