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ICT and Innovation

Why we prize IT and innovation:

"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow." 
John Dewey

The world our students will work and live in will be very different from that of today - most of the jobs that they will do, do not yet exist. At Bedford Girls' School, we don’t want our students to ‘get by’ in this increasingly complex world; we want them to flourish and excel. We are determined that each of our students will leave us well prepared for the challenges of tomorrow’s ever-changing world. To guarantee this, we provide them with the latest technologies - which are continually updated.

From September 2014 the School is embarking on its most significant IT project to date as we roll out iPad minis to all students across the whole School. After extensive trials, we believe iPads are an incredibly effective tool to aid the shift to truly 21 Century learning model.  iPads enable our pupils to make wider connections,  promoting creative and critical thinking skills as well as encouraging a more collaborative approach to learning.

The BGS approach to technology and innovation is no different from any other discipline – we strive for, and achieve, excellence. Our broad curriculum gives students a wide exposure to all aspects of new technology from basic Office applications to creating mobile phone apps. Students will master desktop and mobile hardware, as well as the techniques required to integrate themselves into the digital world, which is so intrinsic to modern business. Every classroom has interactive whiteboards and we have a ‘green room,’ which houses our green screen video technology and radio station.

For several years women have been under represented in IT and associated industries, meaning e-confident female graduates are highly sought after. Giving girls the opportunity and skills to create video games, edit digital video and audio, run a radio station, build a computer, and connect to the world through mobile devices will give them the confidence to excel in ICT. Not only that, it will instill in them the motivation to become lifelong learners in an ever-changing environment. 

BGS Radio

As part of our co-curricular offering our Senior School girls have the opportunity to run a radio station that broadcasts weekly.To listen to their broadcasts from a laptop or desktop, simply click the green Play arrow below. Underneath this, you'll find a further link for iOS devices.

Please click here if using an iOS device (iPad / iPhone).