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School Policies

School policies are essential to the smooth-running of our school and to ensure the best possible care for both our pupils and staff. Please feel free to download them. If you have any questions about any of our policies please contact our Bursar, Mr Jean-Marc Hodgkin on 01234 361900.

 Admissions Policy

 Anti-Bullying Policy

 Complaints Policy

 Curriculum Policy

 Data Protection Act 1998 Pupils’ and Parents’ Guide

 Discipline and Exclusions Policy

 Educational Visits Policy

 Health & Safety General Policy Statement of Intent 
      (A full copy of this policy can be requested by contacting the Bursar)

 Learning Support Policy

 Parental Contract (2015)

 Positive Behaviour Policy

 Safeguarding Policy

 Safeguarding Policy - Multi Agency Support Hub

 Safeguarding Policy - Multi Agency Support Hub Enquiry Form

 Safeguarding Policy - Keeping Children Safe In Education

 Recruitment, Selection and Disclosure Policy & Procedure