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Striving for Excellence

We are an academically selective school. We have unashamedly high standards and expectations across our school community - striving for excellence in all that we do.

The academic life at Bedford Girls’ School is vibrant, innovative and engaging. We are proud of our teachers and ambitious for our pupils. We look to each individual to act as an inspiring role model and bring a “can do” approach to their day. We admire those who try hard and are actively engaged in their own learning as much as those who naturally and easily do well. We believe that hard work and intelligent determination are the best qualities of our girls and form the basis of our success.

Our academic record is strong, and our endeavours are guided by the core belief that acquiring a love of learning is vital to leading a personally fulfilled, socially engaged and professionally successful life. We know that learning is most rewarding in a school that is creative, co-operative, discerning and, fundamentally fun. We strive to achieve this excellence every day.